Improve Your Health With Bilberry Tea

Buddhateas Bilberry TeaAs part of the plant family that includes blueberries, cranberries and huckleberries, bilberries grow in cool, moderate temperatures, typically in mountain ranges. They are found throughout the northern and southern hemispheres. Though they are a bit smaller, bilberries have an uncanny similarity in appearance to blueberries. In fact even the name bilberry translates into blueberry in a variety of other languages. However, bilberries hold key differences that set them apart from other berries. They are usually grown in colder, subarctic regions; however growing them even in the right conditions is far from easy. For this reason they are not commonly cultivated and usually only found in gourmet stores in certain countries. Bilberries are great to be used in the making of pies, jams, and tea. When used in teas, bilberries have a lot of great benefits to offer those that drink it.

Improves Vision

One of the best benefits bilberry tea is known for is its ability to help improve the vision of those that drink it regularly. Macular degeneration has been reversed or at the very least inhibited with regular consumption of bilberries, in a tea form or through regular consumption. In depth research has proven that bilberries can help strengthen both the retina and the blood vessel walls in the eyes. This unique benefit was first discovered during World War II, when the bilberry was given to British Royal Air Force pilots to increase their visual capabilities while flying at night. Studies showed that they could adjust their eyes to the darkness more quickly, and at the same time stave off the effects of glare from being up there in the sky for so long.

Lowers Cholesterol & Blood Sugar

Another benefit that bilberry tea is known for is that it helps reduce blood sugar. This is useful for those that are suffering from diabetes. Furthermore, drinking it can help those with heart conditions by lowering their cholesterol as well which can in turn reduce the risk of a heart attack. Another major health benefit contained in this plant is the high level of anthocyanin pigments, which have been linked to a lowered risk of heart disease and cancer.

Reduces Inflammation

Because bilberry tea has a good effect on blood circulation in the body, another benefit it can offer is that it can help those that are suffering from inflammation. This is because bilberries contain vitamin P and citrin, two components which can stabilize the circulation of the blood in the body and decrease swelling.

Aids Digestion

For daily relief of gastrointestinal problems or to aid digestion, bilberry leaves have been shown to be highly effective when ingested in the tea form. In small children, this tea can be given as a remedy for diarrhea or other intestinal discomforts, since it soothes the digestive system and isn’t too strong in comparison to other remedies.

Directions: To make bilberry tea, take one teabag and steep it in hot water for 10 to 15 minutes or until the preferred strength of tea is desired. It can be sweetened with sugar or honey according to preference and enjoyed with pastries or on its own.

Not only does bilberry tea have a ton of health benefits, it tastes great too! The savory taste makes it easy to drink down if you need a more delectable way to ease some of these problems. For those that aren’t suffering from any health issues, drinking bilberry tea is still an enjoyable and beneficial addition to any diet. Although finding it locally may be no easy feat, there are luckily many reliable online merchants like Buddha Teas that offer it for sale. This gives you the wonderful opportunity to start enjoying the great taste and advantages of drinking bilberry tea in your own home. As always, we hope that this article has been enlightening and informational to you, though please feel free to contact us if you still hold any further questions regarding the many benefits that this tea has to offer.

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