Bleach Free Tea Bags: A Healthier Choice

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Tea is often considered a great drink due to the many positive health factors it can offer. However, a majority of people do not realize that there is in fact a hidden danger lurking in some teas. Teas that are packaged in bleached tea bags may actually be putting your health at risk because a majority of bleached tea bags contain harmful chemicals like dioxin which can put you at risk for serious complications as well as disrupt your well living.

Process of Making Tea Bags

When the first teabags were produced in the 1900s, they were made from silk and muslin cloth that was hand sewn into satchels for the tea. Soon however, there was a machine that was made to replace the handiwork and during that time it became more convenient to use paper to make tea bags. Today, paper is still used and is often made from the fibers of wood and vegetables. More often than not, this paper is bleached afterwards for aesthetic reasons. Sometimes the paper is coated in epichlorohydrin as well in order to make it more resilient to water.

Chemicals Found in Bleached Tea Bags

The chemical dangers that can be found in tea bags can have a serious effect on the body. One of the most toxic chemical that is left as a residue on bleached tea bags is dioxin. Dioxin is a chemical that is found in the chlorine that tea bags are bleached in.  Once dioxin enters the body it is absorbed by fat cells where it can remain for up to 11 years. This can cause very harmful effects on the body since it has been shown in studies that there is no amount of dioxin small enough that won’t have the ability to cause cancer in some form. Furthermore, dioxin has a negative effect on the hormone and reproductive system since it has the ability to cause destruction and breaking down in those areas. Women who are pregnant risk miscarriages from dioxin. It also has the ability to cause behavioral and mental disorders which can grow to become more serious problems as time goes on.

Another harmful chemical that is found on many bleached tea bags is epichlorohydrin. The introduction of epichlorohydrin into the body can cause respiratory disorders. When it is exposed to water, it becomes a carcinogen, which only adds to the risk of cancer already present in bleached tea bags.

Bleach Free Tea Bags

Not surprisingly, as more consumers become more aware of the dangers presented to them in bleached teabags, many are turning to alternative methods. A lot of production companies now offer tea bags that are organic and bleach free. These alternatives are much healthier and come without the risks of suffering from life-threatening illnesses and harm to the body. For those who prefer to not deal with these risks, it is often easy to tell which brands are chemical free and which are not. A lot of the time, there will be a statement on the outside of tea boxes that are sold that reassure the consumers that they are dioxin and chemical free or that they are unbleached.  By buying bleach free tea bags you can enjoy your brews without the added hazard of putting your health at risk.

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