A Good Source of Flavonoids

BuddhaTeas Bilberry Tea is a Good Source of Flavanoids

For centuries, bilberries have been used as a result of all the health benefits that they can offer. Bilberries can be used for culinary purposes but they are also good for making tea as well. Drinking bilberry tea is an excellent health tonic due to the high contents of antioxidants and flavonoids that this particular fruit has. Since antioxidants and flavonoids help keep the body in top shape in a number of ways, they are a great addition to any diet.

What are Flavonoids?

Flavonoids can be found in many fruits, vegetables, and in some drinks as well. They are specific compounds that are divided into different groups based on their structure. Some of these groups include flavones, flavonols, and catechins. There have been approximately 4,000 different types of flavonoids discovered, each with their own set of different benefits.

How Do They Help?

Flavonoids have a vast number of benefits for the human body since they are antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and they also hold many antioxidant properties as well. Flavonoids with antioxidant properties to them can help prevent free radical damage in the body as well as prevent damage caused by oxidization. Many flavonoids are also antibacterial, antiviral, antiallergenic, and can help maintain good health for the body over all. Other flavonoids can help the body absorb more vitamin C which can also offer many added benefits as well.  Furthermore, some studies have shown that there are certain types of flavonoids that have shown the potential to prevent certain types of cancers as well. These are all important advantages that make flavonoids an important addition to our diet.

Flavonoids in Bilberry Tea

An important type of flavonoid that can be found in bilberry tea is anthocyanside. Anthocyansides are flavonoids with antioxidant properties that are beneficial to the good health of the circulatory system. They help to make the arteries and cells more flexible so that blood can flow better through them. This can also help in lowering the blood pressure, which is beneficial for those that suffer from high blood pressure. The antioxidant properties also help to cleanse the system and lead to better health overall.

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