The Benefits of Bilberry Tea

BuddhaTeas Bilberry Tea Health benefits

Recently, bilberry tea has gathered quite a bit of popularity as a result of the benefits that it has to offer. Both the leaves and the fruit of the bilberry plant are used to craft a good brew of tea. This uncommon fruit is most commonly found in colder mountain climates along the southern and northern hemisphere of the earth.

Vision Improvement

One of the most prominent benefits that is claimed by the drinking of bilberry tea is the improvement of vision. It has been said that the consumption of bilberry tea can help inhibit and slow the growth of degeneration in the eyes, which can effectively work to maintain the health of good vision. Drinking this tea also significantly helps to strengthen the blood vessels around the eyes which may have an improving effect on vision.

Other Important Benefits

Aside from the fame that bilberry tea has gained for assisting and maintaining good vision, this tea has also been praised for its ability to support cardiovascular health as well. This supplemental tea also has anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to suppress the appetite which can be particularly useful for those who are looking for a way to stave off food cravings while dieting. Other potential benefits that may be present in bilberry tea are the possibility of lowering blood pressure, astringents which can benefit the gastrointestinal tract, and the stability of blood sugar levels.

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